April 15, 2020

Instagram adds stickers for restaurants to sell gift cards and food delivery

Instagram is trying to make it easier for small businesses to spread the word about how people can support them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the company announced that business and creator accounts can now include stickers in their stories that direct people to a website where they can order food delivery or buy gift cards.

Tapping the sticker will bring people to a website where they can complete their order. Businesses can also include stickers that link out to a fundraiser built on Facebook. These stickers can be added to businesses’ profiles, too, as a permanent button. 
Food delivery and gift card stickers will be available in the US and Canada starting today with a global rollout planned for the “coming weeks.” Fundraisers are “coming soon.”
People who see the stories can share the stickers to their own stories to further spread the word. This could be a useful feature for businesses because people likely follow the places they enjoy. Also given that people have more time on their hands and therefore are likely on Instagram more, they also might see these stickers in stories more frequently than they otherwise would have.
To expound on this article above, what does this mean for Instagram advertising?  As a digital marketer I would recommend restaurants jump on this immediately and put some ad spend into promoted posts to get as many people to your IG account as possible. People are bored at home due to COVID-19 browsing social media and eating/ordering in. If you're not getting your account in front of IG users, then your competition is.
Here is how to attach Instagram Profile Buttons
  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Under “Public Business Information,” tap Action Buttons.
  4. Under “Select a Button,” choose Gift Cards.
  5. Select a partner to sell your gift cards. ... 
  6. Add the partner link for the gift card service you selected.
  7. After you've entered the website, tap Done.

-Stephani Nunez @Jemappellestephani

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