June 15, 2018

Here is to why ICO changes Digital Marketing — and 10 cases to prove it

It wasn’t a while ago that blockchain was far from being a word-on-the-street technology. A few years ago, only a handful of tech enthusiasts talked about cryptocurrencies, fewer knew what ICO even is, and even less could explain what it’s really about.
Last year things changed. In 2017, investors raised 1.5B through ICOs, and public cryptocurrency market cap has jumped over $170B. Token sales become a regular investment practice and a topic of major debates.
Is ICO trustworthy? What about the long-term consequences? With all these bubble-or-not discussions, it’s easy to get a few things overlooked.
  1. The purpose of tokenization is not just about getting profits. Token sales give a possibility to reward users for their resources and time invested on the platform. What’s better, received tokens can be used right away on the platform, leading to long relationships with customers. Users become regular contributors to the platform, basically creating an enthusiastic community.
  2. Blockchain is not a separate industry. It’s not living on its own but constantly impacting other industries, changing market position and influencing customer demands. ICOs are entering every field — from dental services with solutions like Dentacoin to space exploration, as in the Spacechain case.
In 2018, ICO is surely not to be ignored in any field. Obviously, there are some fraud cases but they can’t undermine the success of existing crowdsale campaigns, launched in different industries. Marketing automation is no exception.

10 ICO Answers to Current Digital Marketing Issues

Let’s face it, there are problems in digital marketing. Geographical and financial limitations make cooperation difficult, SMEs owners are constantly pulled down by big corporations, and the question of data protection is now more pressing than it ever was. Creating automation platforms, developers and marketers jump through these hurdles again and again — all the time.
One way or another, tokenization solves these issues.
By purchasing and exchanging tokens, based on conditions set by smart contract, marketers and business owners cooperate towards marketing automation. Decentralized systems allow to create monopoly-free platforms, opened to small businesses and direct cooperation.
Seems too good to be true? Take a look at 10 successful crowdsale cases in digital marketing automation that prove otherwise.

1. Inda Hash

Currently raised: $42 000 000
IndaHash — the influencer marketing platform that unites 300 000 influencers in 1 078 campaigns for global brands like Ikea, Milka, Gillette etc. Its mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to simplify the cooperation between brands, influencers, and their followers. How so?
Inda Hash uses IndaCoin circulation as their cryptoeconomic model allowing influencers and worldwide corporations to cooperate on a global scale. This allows avoiding all pain in the neck with money transfers, currencies, and exchanges, while also increasing the engagement between users and companies. All the tokens are eventually spent inside the platform, with users trading IndaCoins on services.

2. Basic Attention Token

Currently raised: $35 000 000
Digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, trackers, and fraud — that’s the problem Basic Attention Token solves with distributed system and tokenization. Their mission is simple and global at the same time: to change advertising which is currently run by big corporations that are not shy to use spying methods and data stealing mechanisms. Digital ads are creeping people out, and it’s time to do something about it.

With blockchain and tokenization, Basic Attention Token proves it possible. Decentralized systems allow SMEs owners to take charge of their own ad campaigns, advertising providers, on the other hand, cut Google mediation and cooperate directly with businesses. To get financial support, the company launched crowdsale campaign, selling BAT — an Ethereum-based token. The sale was beyond successful finalizing in 35 million dollars raised in less than 30 seconds.

3. Jet8

Currently raised: $32 706 262
Co2Co Engagement, user-generated content optimization, data mining, and user data exchange — these are just a few digital marketing fields covered by Jet8, a full stack tokenized mobile engagement software. The application analyzes mobile behavior, collects insights, sets the campaign, and measures its efficiency. Basically, it creates a special ecosystem for mobile marketing and user-brand cooperation.
Why tokenization? Internal cryptocurrency simplifies the payment process and gives users and business owners the full freedom on all the collected insights. With distributed systems, it’s possible to control and manage the gathered data, not depending on platform’s creators.

4. Thrive

Currently raised: $26,000,000
ICOs is successfully adopted in all digital marketing fields, including advertising marketplaces. Thrive, a community-based advertising platform where business owners buy advertising space, and not just any advertising space, but reviewed and approved by consumers. The platform analyzes its users’ behavior to create comprehensive insights about campaign efficiency. It’s a win-win: advertisers finally have tested space for their ads, potential customers get paid for just browsing the Internet.
How does tokenization make this possible? Imagine doing a project like this with currencies in place. Decreasing the payment speed, losing profits during the exchange, and limiting the market geographically — these would be just a few of many possible complications if platform creators used anything other than tokenization. It’s blockchain that made the entire innovation possible.

5. Presearch

Currently raised: $16 000 000
From its foundation to first CNBC appearance, Presearch, a decentralized search engine, became a major sensation. With their ambitious goal to fight Google’s monopoly as a search engine, they sold 155m tokens and signed the deal with top crypto wallets.
What’s even more interesting, Presearch team fully described the token sale experience, with its ups and downsides. As they wrapped it up, the process of token sale might be challenging, especially when it comes to such large scale, yet it’s an amazing method to not just generate revenue but also to build an amazing enthusiastic community of project supporters.

6. PM7

Currently raised: $12 500 000
PM7 — is decentralized affiliate marketing solution, created to cut the distance between creators and brands, eliminating the need of marketing, advertising, and PR agencies. The platform enables direct cooperation, with no time and money spent on mediator’s assistance.
Started in 2016, PM7 has already sold 9 million tokens and united 1 312 307 users. Blockchain and tokenization enabled the creators to create a decentralized project marketplace where creators can make cutting-edge projects, brands — cut off the meditation, and investors — join the groundbreaking platform.

7. AdHive

Currently raised: $12 000 000
AI-powered influencer marketing system where advertisers and influencers get rewarded for their work with ADH tokens. They are also used for all the transactions and support any financial interaction. See how this works? The platform creators sell internal tokens for flat currencies, therefore, raising revenues with crowdsale.
The statistics of the platform is fairly impressive: 5.2k buyers, 25k people whitelisted, 104.3M of currently circulated supplies. With successful tokenization, the system became the leader of influencer marketing and native video advertising.

8. Wolk

Currently raised: $11,500,000
Wolk, a decentralized data exchange company, uses blockchain to break the data monopoly of big corporations. All experiences in the digital world are basically controlled by Google, Facebook, and Amazon, leaving small businesses dependable on those Big Brothers. With decentralized data exchange, information goes directly to SMEs owners, no mediation of big corporations involved.
In 2017, the platform started its token sale, and closed it in September, when 11 216 735 tokens were sold. As company told on their Medium page, they are working on improved SWARM DB proof of concept for download and a demo decentralized application. Considering that the sale took two months, this is an impressive achievement and another case of tokenization done right.

9. SocialMedia.market

Currently raised: $8 484 606
With tokenization, marketers move further and create not just a cooperation space but a free marketplace for influencers and brands. This way SocialMedia.market, the platform for influencer marketing, manages to connect advertisers and bloggers worldwide with no entry barrier for monetization. Basically, users get simply register on the platform, interest advertisers, and get paid for that.
As the platform proves, the tokenization is a great solution for building open markets and creating conditions for the free cooperation. With tokens in place, it’s easy to universalize the results of influencer campaigns and monitor their effects. Unlike currencies, tokens are more stable and therefore, more objective for metrics.

10. Lydian

Currently raised: $11 315 843
Lydian™ has developed first blockchain Digital Marketing Cloud — a technology stack, created to gather customer experiences and draw comprehensive insights which are later used by marketers for targeting potential clients throughout their entire purchase journey. Adding Artificial Intelligence to the mix, Lydian™ created MonaLisa, a technology for precise targeting of the consumer audience.
Even though DaVinci11™’s Marketing Cloud is already used by already Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, the creators decided to expand their area of expertise by focusing on blockchain innovation. By opening a token sale, the company supports the development of cutting-edge blockchain services, such as the Whisper Network protocol that fights the raising army of ad blockers. By making advertising more personalized and much less annoying, it’s possible to create a decentralized advertising space that won’t be blocked by customers.
To summarize
Tokenization is a strong method of generating profits for blockchain companies in any industry, marketing in particular. ICO success is not a myth or a bubble, it’s proven by real products with real revenue. It’s amazing how many possibilities crowsale hides for marketing automation, and how rewarding the investments turn out to be.
It’s not just about generating profits though. Revenue is just a part of what tokenization gives. There is much more to ICO than we are used to think. If previous cases are any indication, it’s clear that tokenization is a great way to build a strong community of enthusiastic supporters and oppose monopolies, especially in digital marketing where big companies hold the most resources. It’s a chance to erase geographical limits and build long-term cooperations as we’ve seen on influence marketing projects.
What is going to be the next sensational ICO product in digital marketing? So far, it’s apparent that Triggmine has a good chance of becoming next ‘killer project’ in token sales and blockchain overall. We already received numerous investor requests which make us believe that Triggmine crowdsale might be just around the corner.
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