December 15, 2017

Reaching hard-to-reach customers with marketing strategy

Reaching hard-to-reach customers is not easy, but also not unattainable. When developing your marketing strategy, you must be aware of the fact you have a limited amount of your customer’s attention. 

Below are some tips on how to engage, entice, and inspire your target audience to go on a journey with you while putting their needs first.

Pinpoint effective channels as quickly as possible

While you only have a limited amount of time to gain your prospects attention, you need to create a campaign that includes creative messaging that specifically fits their needs, while reaching them on various channels. You don’t always hit the nail on the head your first go-around, but utilizing the test and learn approach can effectively help you fine tune your plan as quickly as possible. Starting broad with a general awareness is best at first while you learn your customer base. Once you have a better understanding of your target demographic, you can move to targeted brand campaigns honing in on the learnings you have found.

Stay mobile

Content you serve must be to the point and easily consumable on a mobile device. Consumers spend so much time throughout each day on their phone it is important to reach them here. The goal is to integrate relevant advertising into your target audiences normal path of conversation without completely disrupting the consumer experience. Make sure you strategize your call to action appropriately, making it easy for your customer to “sign up”, “learn more”, or “buy”.

Personalize your ads

Avoid serving consumers with irrelevant ads by keeping a list around their prospect profile. Building out a list around learned information regarding your client base, purchase intent, past purchase behavior, etc will go a long way for future targeting.  With this list, you can use and create lookalike audiences, while avoiding making the costly mistake of reaching the wrong customers. The more you know about your audience, the less holes will be in your data to help you build attribution models that work. Making your customers feel special, as if you are individually marketing to them, should be the ultimate goal.

Written by: Stephani Nunez
Photo by: STIL on Unsplash

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