June 2, 2016

Google Maps Gets an Official Beta, Sign-Up for It Now!

We’ve seen several high-profile apps gain beta versions such as Instagram and Google's own Search app. Now Google Maps has joined the Google App having an official beta version, and you can sign-up today!  
If you’re an android user who wants the opportunity to test the latest and greatest apps, all you need to do is click the source link below, hit the “Become a tester” button, and update Google Play for the beta version.
You’ll also begin receiving beta versions as updates in Google Play like you normally do for the regular version.
The beta version of Google Maps is version 9.27, up from the 9.26.1 update that recently rolled out to everyone. If you’re already using the Maps v9.30 included in the Android N Developer Preview, then there’s no reason to use v9.27 as you’re already ahead of this beta test. Since this release is so new, what’s included in the v9.27 beta is still a mystery.
The app could be buggy and dysfunctional, so this isn’t for everyone.  If you decide the beta version isn’t for you, just click the same link below and this will allow you to opt-out.

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